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These delicious gluten free buttery cookies come in 3 flavors

1) Vanilla

2) Almond Orange

3) Chocolate

You will not fail to thoroughly enjoy them.


We have other Gluten Free cookies called TRIPLES - the only triple free cookies on the market and they are real good.

In addition we have a line of Gluten Free POWER GRANOLA..



No need to refrigerate DANIEL'S VEGAN cookies. Something Special!


We have many types of Vegan cookies

1)  Daniel's Vegan.  All American (Photo)

2) Susan's Sugar Free cookies

3) Triples (unique triple free)  and

4) Rocks N Rolls, Mediterranean munching cookies

Weight Watchers

Try them, get addicted. Little rocky bites to die for!


The ROCKS N ROLLS are simply wonderful. If you love munching, they are satisfying to the N'th degree and have the rare advantage of being both low in fat and low in sugar.

They come in 10 oz bags and in 6 flavors:

1) Lemon/Vanilla

2) Orange & Chocolate Chips

3) Cinnamon

4) Raspberry & Chocolate Chips

5) Praline (butterscotch & Chocolate)

6) Almond.

They are Daniel's Aunt Helene's recipe.

basic and with chocolate chips, 2 versions of power granola Gluten free sugar free power granola

Sugar FreeGluten Free POWER GRANOLA

4 flavors out of 5 shown in this photo Susan's sugar free cookies

Sugar Free


SUSAN'S SUGAR FREE cookies come in 5 wonderful flavors

1) Lemon and Vanilla

2) Almond

3) Peanut Butter

4) Chocolate

5) Orange and Chocolate Chip


We also have other sugar free cookies called TRIPLES

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